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The planning function

The planning function

1, There will be a alert when user click the search button within last searching not completely, such as:
do you want the last searching or just stop it and start the new searching? two options:
continue to searching and start a new searching.

2, Can provide a new searching window in menu bar, so that user can start one more search progress

3, Can expand the search scope and selection, also, the user can get more choice fm them.
For example: only search the target in the jar files of disk,
or in jar,war ,ear files of disk or in the whole file system; also can specify the search type,
such as, user can specify the search target in jar file or only search in folder A and folder B

4, Multiple thread searching, I am doing some testing now, I want to use it in different software environment operating system,
like windows XP, windows 7, Mac os x and different hardware environment, such as single core processor and multiple core processors,
I am trying to find out the best quantity of multiple threads for program, so need more time to do this work.

5, Try to speed up the searching, but still no exactly way to do this. researching…(welcome any opinions or suggestions)

6, Better outlook/theme…


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